Vocational Rehabilitation Services [VRS]

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Helping individuals with disabilities achieve hopes and dreams since 1983.

Vocational rehabilitation assists individuals with developmental, intellectual, and other disabilities to gain or regain independence through employment or meaningful activities in a community-integrated setting. Alliance, Inc. Vocational Rehabilitation Services division offers a wide range of VRS services to help you individuals achieve your their goals.

  • Career Preparation Services include Career Assessments to help you explore career options based on your aptitudes, abilities, temperament, and work values. Work Adjustment Training helps individuals prepare for employment by developing work tolerance and job-readiness, while learning specific job skills. Teens and adolescents aging out of the public school system gain practical work experience each summer to prepare for the work world after graduation through the Governor's Transitioning Youth Initiative (GTYI) program.
  • Employment Services include Supported Employment—competitive employment at a wide variety of jobs in the community based on your preferences, with a high level of ongoing support. Job development, placement, and retention services offers provide similar, time-limited job placement and retention services assistance for those not eligible for supported employment.
  • Vocational Day Services offer a wide range of work-related activities, including volunteer and paid work at Alliance worksites or in the community, including the Alliance greenhouse. Transportation Provided.
  • Affordable organic plants are on sale Monday thru Friday from 9-2 at Alliance’s greenhouse at the Baltimore County, Rosedale location. Proceeds from greenhouse purchases support Alliance’s horticulture program, which helps individuals with disabilities build new skills in preparation for work.
  • Community Supports help adults and families achieve independence at home and in the community with a dedicated counselor who transports individuals to medical appointments and helps to navigate community resources.
Mental Health Vocational Program

Careers of Choice in the Competitive Job Market

For many people with serious mental illness, paid employment is an essential component of recovery that builds independence and provides a sense of satisfaction and worth.  Alliance’s evidence-based practice Mental Health Vocational Program, or MHVP, helps adults age 18 and older recovering from mental health disorders join the competitive labor market with jobs of their choosing in the community. Success in the workplace through MHVP stems from focusing on individual goals and interests and providing ongoing supports.

Employer Solutions

Why do Employers choose Alliance?

We make it easy for employers to give back to their community. As a non-profit serving Baltimore for nearly 30 years, Alliance is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities achieve their dreams. For many, this means a real job of their choosing in the community. By working with Alliance, employers receive the assistance of a dedicated Employment Specialist whose job it is to find a match between employers’ needs and individuals’ choices. Our experts help prepare both the employer and employee for the demands and expectations of work. Regular visits on the jobsite and open communication ensure long-term success.

Alliance’s services are free to employers. All placements are individualized across many industry sectors.